We can "Meat" your every need. Local Hormone & Antibiotic Free meat and Free Run poultry.

Our marinated kabobs are the talk of the town. All our products are fresh, tender and tasty whatever way they are prepared - fried, roasted, BBQ or Sous Vide. Check out time & money saving meat packs.

Specialty Meats, Cheeses & Groceries. Lunchtime Soups & Sandwiches. Catering for groups.

Deli Meats, Cheeses, Soups & Sandwiches. Breads and buns supplied by Ottawa's famous Lisbon Bakery. Meat, cheese & sandwich trays made to order for any group occasion.

"Heat & Eat" prepared food. For a special occasion, emergency or just to treat yourself. Sizes to fit all.

Maria's Ready Foods™ are Stittsville's best kept secret. Cabbage rolls, meat pies, lasagna with fresh noodles, stews and much more. Made from family recipes using no preservatives. Most are gluten and dairy free. Check out the savings when buying packs.